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Feb 20

Adaptive and relationship-building self-service

Is it possible that self-service applications, such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions are looking at a slow painful death because of lack of innovation? And I don’t mean that vendors have stopped inventing, really I don’t. But the usage of these solutions is quite unimaginative. I think the time has come to rethink how …

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Jan 05

Innovating the back office

Contact centers have been in the forefront of advancements in telecommunications, collaboration and customer service, being first with contact routing based on skill and experience, enterprise presence and instant messaging, recording, coaching, softphones, reporting, administration, social media integration and so on. NOW SERVICE is a different way of viewing customer service offering immediate customer feedback, …

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Sep 26

Third generation UC

Unified Communication (UC) is Communications integrated to optimize business processes. We are now entering an exciting period where several forces seemingly unrelated at first are beco ming pieces in a puzzle that together create a bigger picture and better user experience. If you ever have laid a puzzle trying to fit a number of pieces …

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Aug 27

Self-service or full service – UC Strategies article

Most of us have seen the signs at the gas station. Asking us, as customers, if we want the full service treatment or the self-service treatment, i.e. do it yourself. Service design is a model to define services that feel like full service, even if they are self-service systems. IVR’s are no longer only about …

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Jul 22

How to Build an Early Warning System – UC Strategies article

Two identical companies offering the same basic service in close proximity to each other is a daily experience in today’s competitive environment. In many instances, copying what someone else does well has replaced innovation. This has given rise to a new concept of service design that leads organizations to design and deliver service based on …

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Jul 22

Making the cloud mobile and manageable – UCStrategies article

Cloud and mobility are two symbiotic advances that allow access to tools that in the past required a well-equipped laptop; now all you need is access to the Internet, and you are ready to go. Read the full article here

May 16

We need more UC vendors, not less – article on UC Strategies

UC Strategies

Regarding Microsoft’s resent move to acquire Skype, I must say that the choir is astoundingly in agreement. The acquisition of Skype by Microsoft is a great move by Microsoft in many ways; it is a strategic move for its Office 365 offering, it is a great add-on to its Lync product line and it can …

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Apr 19

Discussing Presence with IceWarp Executives

How to benefit from presence in business is a topic that concerns and interests many. Some of you who follow me on Twitter (JasonAndersson) know that there have been some tweets about this since my article was published on UCStrategies. I got the opportunity to speak with President of IceWarp Ladislav (Ladi) Goc and VP …

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Mar 22

Presence enabled communication

What to consider when using Presence and instant messaging as a way to create a more effective communication within an organization.

Feb 15

Mobile World Congress 2011 – the gadgets and the trends so far…

The saying “All roads lead to Rome”, could for this week be changed to “All communication roads lead to Barcelona.” The big names in mobility are there; Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft, RIM, Motorola, Broadcom, Alcatel-Lucent, ZTE Corporation and Huawei and more, but also IT heavy weights such as Google’s Eric Schmidt, Paul Otellini from Intel and …

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