May 16

We need more UC vendors, not less – article on UC Strategies

Regarding Microsoft’s resent move to acquire Skype, I must say that the choir is astoundingly in agreement. The acquisition of Skype by Microsoft is a great move by Microsoft in many ways; it is a strategic move for its Office 365 offering, it is a great add-on to its Lync product line and it can introduce any number of Skype features into its other product lines, such as Xbox and Windows Mobile. And I agree. I am part of the same choir in that way. The communications market is in need of more consolidation, not because there are too many vendors providing enterprise voice solutions, but because the innovation is gone and new entrants provide the same basic functionality using other technologies, e.g. mobile networks and cloud solutions. But UC still needs more innovating vendors, not less.

Read my article here.UC Strategies

May 16

How to use presence in the enterprise – New article in TelekomIdag

Presence is probably the single most important feature to enable a more efficient communication within and between enterprises. Check out my new article in TelekomIdag, the Swedish industry magazine.

Check out my article about Presence in the enterpriseSwedish article talking about how to use presence in the enterprise.

Expert article in latest issue of TelekomIdag


Apr 19

Discussing Presence with IceWarp Executives

How to benefit from presence in business is a topic that concerns and interests many. Some of you who follow me on Twitter (JasonAndersson) know that there have been some tweets about this since my article was published on UCStrategies. I got the opportunity to speak with President of IceWarp Ladislav (Ladi) Goc and VP of National Accounts John O Cooper 5th about their solution and how they saw presence and IM in the company. We had a really interesting discussion about the IceWarp product as well as how they see presence and instant messaging fitting into the enterprise arena.

Read the full article on UC Strategies, click here

Mar 31

UC Article in TelekomIdag

UC needs a big picture: My UC article in Swedish magazine TelekomIdag (

Let me know what you think.

My article about UC in the TelekomIdag magazine

My article about UC in the TelekomIdag magazine

My article about UC in the TelekomIdag magazine

My article about UC in the TelekomIdag magazine

Mar 22

Presence enabled communication

Presence is probably the single most important tool to enable a more effective and efficient communication within and between enterprises and organizations. Presence will allow users to get an immediate view of who is available in the company to have a quick meeting or set up a conference call with. Many surveys show that presence and instant messaging (IM) gives employees the same feeling of quick instantaneous meetings at the coffee-machine that allows them to get fast responses and resolve issues collaboratively.

What to consider when using Presence and instant messaging as a way to create a more effective communication within an organization.

Read the full UC Strategies article here.

Feb 15

Mobile World Congress 2011 – the gadgets and the trends so far…

The saying “All roads lead to Rome”, could for this week be changed to “All communication roads lead to Barcelona.” The big names in mobility are there; Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft, RIM, Motorola, Broadcom, Alcatel-Lucent, ZTE Corporation and Huawei and more, but also IT heavy weights such as Google’s Eric Schmidt, Paul Otellini from Intel and Cisco’s John Chanmbers. The line between IT and mobility feels like they are officially gone. More and more users choose mobile devices to access the Internet, so it is not surprising that so many choose to visit this gigantic event.

Check out my report from Mobile World Congress.

Feb 01

UC Strategies blog: “Smart company” marketing less than smart

Sometimes marketing ideas go way to fast from idea to implementation.

Two partnering communication-suppliers in Sweden have together branded what a “Smart company” is, in terms of communication services:

A company is defined as smart that gives service to its customers when it suits them, has a mobile way of working and can share relevant internal systems with clients and partners. (TelekomIdag)

Read my comment on the TelekomIdag news article about “smart companies” at UC Strategies blog

Jan 24

Companies Go for Unified Communication Solutions in Different Ways

Unified communication (UC) is easy to describe from a vendor’s perspective, but an open approach in defining and building a unified is bound to be more successful than a one-size fits all offering. The combined telephony and IT department must identify the internal and external communication patterns to identify what services will increase efficiency and productivity.

Read the full UC Strategies article here.

Jan 24

Up and running full speed ahead

Hi all,

this is my first post for this website.
I finally got the company name approved so I could set up the web page. LinkedIn is updated, and a message sent out to Twitter.

Please feel free to comment, follow me on Twitter or here on the blog.
I will write articles for UC Strategies and link to them directly here for your reading pleasure.

See you soon!

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